A Speech and Language Therapist works with adults who are struggling with their speech, language and communication skills or their eating, drinking, feeding and swallowing abilities.

Do you or someone you know identify with the following difficulties as a result of a stroke, traumatic brain injury or other neurological condition such as Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis or Motor Neurone Disease?

  • Understanding what others are saying, expressing yourself clearly, finding the right word, or reading and writing problems?
  • Pronouncing certain sounds or words resulting in quiet or slurred speech with reduced intelligibility?
  • Eating, drinking, feeding or swallowing problems resulting in coughing, choking or chest infections with possible unintentional weight loss and dehydration?

If you identify with any of the above, or you have any other communication or swallowing concerns, then you could benefit from Speech and Language Therapy assessment and advice.

  • We are here to work in partnership with people with communication and swallowing deficits to achieve the best possible outcomes.
  • Our experienced Lead Speech and Language Therapist will undertake a flexible range of assessments to gain an accurate picture of your difficulties, and then work with you to create a bespoke, functional, evidence-based and interactive treatment programme to maximise your abilities and to meet your goals.
  • We can also provide information, support and training for family members and carers.
  • Intervention can take place at Peartree House Neurological Rehabilitation Centre in Bitterne, Southampton, or within your own place of residence.

To discuss your needs and potential costs please contact Karolina Wasilek on: 02380 448168 / 07921 897858 or email k.wasilek@peartreerehab.co.uk.