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Our Services

Providing exceptional injury rehabilitation, long term complex care and community support.

Neurological Rehabilitation

Neurological rehabilitation is a person-centred multi-disciplinary treatment approach to post brain injury rehabilitation. It is continued over 24 hours in a holistic and coordinated manner to optimise the wellbeing, quality of life and functional outcomes of clients with neurological impairments. This involves the delivery of evidence-based therapeutic interventions incorporating the individual’s goals and needs. Short term and long term client-centred goals are set through regular goal planning meetings with the individual, carers, family and multi-disciplinary team facilitated by a key worker. The duration of rehabilitation can be from weeks to months depending on agreed goals.

Peartree House works in accordance with the UK Rehabilitation Outcomes Collaborative (UKROC) guidelines to demonstrate client progress alongside therapy-specific outcome measures.

Long Term Complex Care

We provide long term, nurse-led support to individuals with complex needs following an acquired brain injury including stroke, traumatic brain injury, anoxic brain injury, disorders of consciousness, and progressive neurological conditions.

Led by a Matron, the nursing team provide round-the-clock care to support clients in areas such as general wellbeing, nutrition, tissue viability, continence, managing medication, behaviour and emotional wellbeing. The ultimate goal is enhanced quality of life for the client and their family.

Early Supported Discharge

These newly established services support the client in achieving a timely discharge and reduced length of stay through a phased return home, and provide rehabilitation and support services to clients already living at home. Clients supported via these services may have received rehabilitation at Peartree House, a similar facility, or in hospital. Some clients may already be at home and suffered a deterioration in function requiring a period of rehabilitation and support.

Both services are provided over 5 days per week and will be based on an agreed number of sessions and person-centred goals.

We can provide support in every aspect of physical, cognitive, communication, swallow and psychological well-being. Clients may also be supported by a care package of support workers.

Clients will benefit from continued rehabilitation in their own environment, optimising functional gains made within the inpatient/acute setting. Funders will benefit from a value for money service, paying only for the provision required.

These services will provide bespoke and flexible rehabilitation and support packages by our skilled and experienced multi-disciplinary team based at Peartree House. This brings unrivalled opportunities to problem-solve any challenges.

We ensure that all of our staff are fully competent in managing the support and therapy plans of people with complex neurological and physical needs. All staff are required to work in the inpatient service first to enable the application of this knowledge into practice in order to deliver the best service possible to our clients in the community.

Therapy Services Available in the Community

  • Physiotherapy and Technical Instructor treatment
  • Speech and Language Therapy treatment and dysphagia and communication education services
  • Occupational Therapy and Occupational Therapy Assistant treatment
  • Clinical Neuropsychology treatment
  • Postural and Seating assessments
  • SMART assessments
  • Training/education packages
  • Assessment of living accommodation for adaptations

All therapists can provide assessment and advice services as required.

Domiciliary Care/Supported Living Provision

The Peartree House Community Service is registered with the Care Quality Commission to provide care for adults who require personal care. We work with the individual, family and case manager to ensure ‘best fit staff’ are recruited for each support package.

Support packages at home could be provided by support workers or rehabilitation assistants. This support will be provided based on an agreed hourly provision or a 24 hour supported living set-up following an assessment of need.

We will ensure that all of our staff are fully competent in managing support plans to those with complex needs. This will be achieved through our robust induction and training programmes.

Through measured and assessed positive risk management, the staff team supportively promote each person to become an active participant in their care, enabling them to reach their maximum potential in all areas of life.

Bespoke support plans are delivered with consideration of needs and preferences in all domains.

Staff work with individuals to identify their needs and preferences in all areas before taking a positive risk approach to building bespoke support plans with the individual and their network.

Care/support/rehabilitation services are provided in the following areas:

  • Dressing, undressing, bed transfers, bed mobility.
  • Personal hygiene, grooming etc.
  • Complex behaviour support.
  • Health.
  • Nutrition and hydration.
  • Mobility and transfers.
  • 24 hour postural management.
  • Housekeeping.
  • Social, leisure etc.
  • Helping people with their personal affairs (personal assistant service).
  • Life skills/vocational training or participation.

Making a referral

We accept referrals from any healthcare and social care professional or case manager. Individuals can also self-refer. Referrals are accepted on a written standardised referral form, via telephone, fax, email or letter.

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