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Providing exceptional injury rehabilitation, long term complex care and community support.

What happens when you are referred and admitted to Peartree House?

On referral to Peartree House, members of the highly specialist therapy and nursing team will meet with the referring team and complete a comprehensive assessment of your clinical needs and rehabilitation or long term complex care goals.

Following this a report will be sent to the funding bodies to gain approval for an admission to Peartree House. We encourage clients and families to visit the service and meet with those who will support your rehabilitation.

On admission you will be allocated a single room and will be met by the admission coordinator who will introduce you to Peartree and help you to settle in. During your stay at Peartree House all or some of the following will happen, depending upon whether you are on the rehabilitation or long term complex care pathway:

  • Client-centred goal setting and completion of rehabilitation plans.
  • Family/client review meeting within 2 weeks of admission.
  • Weekly timetable of planned MDT rehabilitation interventions.
  • Daily bespoke treatment provided by the MDT.
  • Home visit to assess set-up. This will assist us in assessing essential equipment and adaptations required in preparation for discharge.
  • Formal review with the funding body, with a review of goals approximately every 8-12 weeks or as required.
  • Formal review prior to the end of the funded period to identify ongoing rehabilitation goals within Peartree House or a transition to Peartree House Community Services or local community services.
  • Liaison with external agencies ie social services, equipment stores, wheelchair services, community rehabilitation teams, district nurses, nurse specialists, dietitian, GP, referral to voluntary services.
  • Discharge from Peartree House with a discharge summary and recommendations/advice.

Making a referral

We accept referrals from any healthcare and social care professional or case manager. Individuals can also self-refer. Referrals are accepted on a written standardised referral form, via telephone, fax, email or letter.

Please phone us on 023 8044 8168