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A Family’s Experience of Peartree House

Our 21 year old son, Jack, was admitted to Peartree House for rehabilitation following a traumatic brain injury whilst at University. He had initial acute care and rehabilitation at St Mary’s Hospital before coming to Peartree.

How did you choose Peartree House for Jack?

The funding authority gave Jack and us the choice between Peartree House and another provider and we selected Peartree.

What influenced your decision?

Jack and I (Caroline, his mum) visited before making our decision. The visit went very well. The welcome was very warm and friendly. We had an excellent guided tour and the service was explained clearly.

What was your experience of the whole rehabilitation process from admission to discharge?

Our experience was one of positive encouragement for Jack. All the staff we met were positive, friendly and professional. We really appreciated the extensive review meetings that catered to Jack’s progress. We also really appreciated the flexibility that allowed Jack to travel to Cornwall to attend his University ball and the well-considered care given for his welfare.

Case Studies - A family's experience of Peartree House

What did Jack achieve from his rehabilitation at Peartree?

Jack achieved a huge amount in his first 3 months at Peartree. He made great strides towards the goal of being independent again and returning to University in the near future.

If there is one thing that really made a difference to the experience you and Jack had during the rehabilitation process, what would it be?

The positive encouragement for Jack from all the OT, Physio and SLT teams to make the most of his time at Peartree House.

What would you say to other potential clients and families about Peartree House?

We would strongly recommend Peartree House. Everyone works as a team to get the best improvement possible for their clients. The friendly atmosphere makes Peartree House a lovely place to live and the food smelled and looked delicious

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