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About Us

Providing exceptional injury rehabilitation, long term complex care and community support.

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About Us

Peartree House Neurological Rehabilitation Centre is a modern, specialist rehabilitation centre established in 1996 and based in a beautiful listed building in Southampton. The Centre embraces all the advances in understanding the needs of people who have suffered a brain injury to provide a seamless, integrated, bespoke service including inpatient neurological rehabilitation and long term nursing and complex care, inpatient rehabilitation into the community, and continuing community support.

Peartree House treats and cares for anyone from 18 and over, both as inpatients and as outpatients in the community.

The people we treat have suffered brain injuries as a result of various causes which range from road traffic accidents, falls, other traumatic incidents, stroke or brain injury caused by illness or degenerative conditions. What is in common is that everybody affected by acquired brain injury needs trained, specialist, patient and watchful therapy, treatment and care.

We can help if a client has:

  • experienced various acquired brain injuries such as traumatic, anoxic, stroke, hypoxic, hydrocephalus, encephalitis, brain haemorrhage, brain aneurysm etc
  • a progressive neurological condition such as MS or Parkinson’s Disease
  • disorders of consciousness
  • other complex neurological disorders which occur alongside brain injury such as epilepsy, learning disability or mental health issues.
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Why Choose Peartree House?

This will be a personal decision, but you may more specifically like to consider Peartree because:

  • The Centre employs a team of highly qualified and experienced Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech and Language Therapist, Neuro-Psychologist/Clinical Psychologist, Rehabilitation Assistants, Nurses and Support Workers.
  • The multi-disciplinary team achieves exceptional results evidenced through increased function, reduced length of stay and successful complex discharges back to the community.
  • Evidence-based and outcome-focused approaches to neuro-rehabilitation and nursing care evidenced by our commitment to CPD and research.
  • A value for money service where you only pay for the provision/services you receive. This allows flexibility and bespoke packages to be created.
  • Pro-active involvement of the family/carer/significant others in the rehabilitation process to optimise outcomes.
  • A complete rehabilitation pathway including in-house treatment and care, transitional living, and phased discharge and support at home as appropriate via the Peartree House Community Service.

Accommodation at Peartree House

The main building has 31 well-appointed rooms and extensive therapy and activity facilities. Most clients admitted to Peartree House will live in this part of the service before moving through other parts of the pathway into Merridale or a studio flat.

Merridale is a spacious purpose-built 5 bedded unit designed to support people on both rehabilitation and long term complex care pathways. The unit has dedicated facilities to enhance the experience of people living there and provides a homely feel including access to a wheelchair-friendly garden. All rooms are en-suite with large wet rooms.

The transitional living units consist of studio flats for semi-independent living designed to enable clients to live as independently as possible, whilst still being able to access the services in the main house and Merridale. The level of support will depend on individual needs and risk assessments. For some clients this may be a positive step to test out their skills before progressing to more independent living in the community, and for others an opportunity to live in a small environment tailored to their needs.

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Making a referral

We accept referrals from any healthcare and social care professional or case manager. Individuals can also self-refer. Referrals are accepted on a written standardised referral form, via telephone, fax, email or letter.

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