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Peartree ABI
Care Pathway

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Peartree care pathway

Transitional care

Rehabilitation a Step Further

The Multi-disciplinary team act as a resource for information and advice for individuals, families, other professionals and outside agencies, when clients are preparing for a move from Peartree House to our transitional living units, or to appropriate accommodation in the community.

Transitional care is an important part of the Peartree House programme. The four Transitional Studio Apartments have been specifically furnished to help adjustment to an individual living environment as a possible step to reintegrate into the community.

The Studio Apartments contain a bed-sitting room with toilet facilities, a specially equipped walk-in shower and an en-suite kitchen/ diner.

As the accommodation is within the grounds of Peartree House, both on-going care and treatment facilities remain close to hand.


As a further step on from the Transitional Studio Apartments there are several two-bedroom Bungalows, adjacent to Peartree House, which have been converted to provide an opportunity for a more independent living environment before a move out into the community can be considered.

Specially designed, the bungalows have two bedrooms, a large living area, a separate kitchen and a large specially adapted bathroom / toilet suite. The proximity of the bungalows to Peartree House allows:

  • As the bungalow accommodation located on the adjacent street to the main Peartree House, both on-going care and treatment facilities remain close to hand.

The proximity of the Independent Living Units to Peartree House allows:

  • Monitoring and supervision through the use of nurse calls, fire alarms and intruder alarms, if required.
  • Nursing and therapeutic support services can also be provided as necessary.
  • Opportunities to join in activities organised by Peartree House such as outings, events and holidays.
  • On-going assessment by the MDT